Vineyard in Austria

LaQuinta RGB 

LaQuinta NDVI

Bowling Green 

The area flown is a very small bowling green dataset with some disease showing

This is the high-resolution LaQuinta RGB image 

NDVI Stitch

(Red) NDVI – This is the NDVI image from the 4-band imagery. The “ring” area infestation is not showing much stress yet. The greenkeeper likely treated these rings with something. They actually show a bit more vigour along the rings outsides than the surrounding areas. Likely the infestation hasn’t had a chance to actually do damage yet.

GNDVI Stitch

Green NDVI – estimates photosynthesis and determines water & nitrogen uptake in the plants. As seen, there are areas of good photosynthesis  around the ring areas (areas have been treated recently and are recuperating). The red areas around this show poor photosynthesis – likely an advance warning of infestation spread.

Vineyard Monitoring RGB - LaQuinta

General Assesment in color

Vineyard Monitoring EVI - LaQuinta

Identifying detailed stress areas

Vineyard Monitoring Vigor Value per Row 

Determining Optimal Grape vigor harvest

Forestry Project in
South Africa

LaQuinta NDVI

Problem Area - RGB

Problem Area NDVI

Beets Field - RGB

Beets Field -  EVI