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DB2 Vision was established with the ambition to push the industry of AG Tech Imaging into a real end-user volume industry, with high-tech equipment all the way within  reach of the individual farmer.

Why Now:

With the impressive rise of UAVs, the field of Precision Agriculture is growing exponentially and it is expected to remain on this rapid growth path for at least the coming decade.

This brings along continuous improvements in functionality and reduction in purchasing and operating costs

Our goal:

To provide the full value chain in products and services -aided through valuable partnerships- to enter the global market with full uncompromising functionality at a globally unprecedented affordable price-level.


Why Us:

Our Crop Sensing technology's ability to pinpoint crop stress, vegetation disease and/or fertilization needs by means of multispectral imaging has overcome the 2 limiting factors that have held back mass adoption so far; the price of the equipment needed, as well as the complexity of its use.


Who We Are

Igno Breukers

Co-Founder/ Executive Director

Our Globetrotting Sales Guy!

Creator of ideas he's incapable of developing himself. Will travel to all corners of the World to serve the customer

Director of Sales at Videology Imaging Solutions, CCO at Quest Innovations, now Co-Founder of DB2 Vision

Ties the Strategy to our Vision!

René Damen

Co-Founder/ Executive Director

Our Visionary Vision Magician!

Envisions, Creates and Develops our State of the Art Camera Technology from the ground up

Master developer at Philips Electronics, CTO at Videology Imaging Solutions, now Co-Director of DB2 Vision

Without this man, we lack Vision!

Ron Breukers

Co-Founder/ Executive Director

Our Eternal Whiz Kid!

Inventor of the GPS Car Navigation System, Touchscreen Remote Control and allround Sensor-tech guru

Engineering Manager at Philips Electronics, Founder of Eltech Engineering, now Co-Director of DB2 Vision

This man gives direction to our Vision!

Learn more about our Technology!

Our single sensor, single optical path narrow-band multispectral technology is one-of-a-kind. But how does our tech stack up against other imaging methods in the market? Click on the video to find out! 

Our values

DB2 Vision believes in the necessity of change; change in the way we effectively use our land, change in the way we use our scarce natural resources and change in the way we cooperate to attain optimal efficiency in facilitating the provision of food and health to a vastly growing global population.