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Who We Are

Igno Breukers

Co-Founder/ Executive Director

Our Globetrotting Sales Guy!

Creator of ideas he's incapable of developing himself. Will travel to all corners of the World to serve the customer.

Director of Sales at Videology Imaging Solutions, CCO at Quest Innovations, now Co-Founder of DB2 Vision

Ties the Strategy to our Vision!

Rene Damen

Co-Founder/ Executive Director

Our Visionary Vision Magician!

Envisions, Creates and Develops our State of the Art Camera Technology from the ground up.

Master developer at Philips Electronics, CTO at Videology Imaging Solutions, now Co-Director of DB2 Vision

Without this man, we lack Vision!

Ron Breukers

Co-Founder/ Executive Director

Our Eternal Whiz Kid!

Inventor of the GPS Car Navigation System, Touchscreen Remote Control and allround Sensor-tech guru

Engineering Manager at Philips Electronics, Founder of Eltech Engineering, now Co-Director of DB2 Vision

This man gives direction to our Vision!

This is why we do it!

We invite you to watch this video from the University of Minnesota. A real eye-opener and as DB2 Vision, we hope to be a small part in moving forward towards a global solution.

Our values

DB2 Vision believes in the necessity of change; change in the way we effectively use our land, change in the way we use our scarce natural resources and change in the way we cooperate to attain optimal efficiency in facilitating the provision of food and health to a vastly growing global population.